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23599 Freedom Lane, Mattawan, MI 49071

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Transportation Services Phone: (269)-668-4531 

Employee Title Ex. Email Contact for:
Ralph Moyle President 36 N/A Equipment buying/selling (tractors & trailers)
Jon Moyle Chief Financial Officer 26 RFP’s, rates, insurance, financing
Marjorie Teague Human Resources Manager 60 Employment opportunities, benefits,
personnel policies, safety information
Pete Van Es Controller 21 Accounting related issues (excluding payroll)
Mike Niznik Accounting Associate 25 Accounts payable & accounts receivable
Nancy Brock Lead Biller 28 Invoicing, driver settlements
Michelle Nuyen Dispatch Planner 27 Freight outbound from Michigan
Liz Barrett Inbound dispatcher 61 Freight inbound to MI from IL or WI
Ken Sargeant Logistics Coordinator 5 Scheduling and Freight inbound to Michigan
Aaron Talaga Operations Analyst 24 Safety information, training, technology
Tricia Wagner Billing Clerk 64 Invoicing, driver settlements
Anthony Smith Outbound Dispatcher 9 Outbound Dispatch – 1st shift


Warehouse and Logistics Phone: (269)-657-2591 

Employee Title Ext. Email Contact For:
Mike Moyle Chief Operations Officer 222 Warehouse; Trucking maintenance and dispatch operations
Steve Labadie Warehouse Manager 223 Warehouse operations
Dave Williams Warehouse Assistant Manager 224 Warehouse operations
Christine Hatfield Warehouse Assistant Manager 227 Customer support, warehouse operations