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Frequently Asked Questions


Driver FAQs

  1. Is RMI privately or publicly held? Privately.
  2. How many terminals does RMI have and where are they located? We have one terminal located in Mattawan, MI and a drop-lot in Dorr, MI.
  3. What is the passenger policy? Drivers can bring a passenger after 60 days of solo driving with approval from Safety.
  4. What is the pet policy? Pets (dog or cat ONLY) are allowed after 60 days of solo driving with approval from Safety.
  5. What kinds of freight does RMI haul? Grocery. Coke, Welch’s, Knouse Foods, Bell’s, Pfizer, Zoetis.
  6. What is the ratio of driver managers to drivers? We have 4 dispatchers, 1 operations manager, 1 safety specialist, and 1 director of operations and safety.
  7. What is the ratio of load planners to trucks? We have 3 planners.
  8. Does RMI have multiple stop loads? No.
  9. Are drivers able to stay within a certain geographic area or are they required to run wherever RMI runs? Drivers typically take runs based on the fleet they drive for. Regional drivers can be found in all 38 states east of the Rockies, Short Haul drivers cover a 250-300 mile radius and Local covers 150 miles from the terminal.
  10. Does RMI use E-logs or Paper Logs? E-logs.
  11. Which E-log system is used? Samsara
  12. What type of trucks do we use? Volvo and Freightliner.
  13. Does RMI “slip seat” drivers or assign drivers to trucks? We assign drivers their own truck.
  14. Does RMI offer a safety bonus program? Yes.
  15. Does RMI offer a performance bonus program? Yes.
  16. Does RMI offer a driver referral bonus program? Yes, $1000 referral for a Class A driver or Apprentice, paid after they are hired (in payments). OPEN to the PUBLIC.

Driver Apprentice FAQs

  1. What is the purpose of the RMI Paid CDL A Program & Training? Our program aims to provide comprehensive education and hands-on training to individuals who want to obtain their CDL A.
  2. What are the prerequisites for enrolling? Be 21 years of age or older, possess a valid Michigan driver’s license, meet the RMI Driver Qualifications Standards, live within 60 minutes of our facility, and pass the DOT physical and drug screen.
  3. How much does the Training Program cost? Individuals selected to participate will receive their CDL A training at no cost. RMI enters this partnership with each student to help them become professional Class A drivers.
  4. What kind of training will I receive during the Program? And how long does the Program last? The program consists of three phases:
    1. Phase 1 you’ll begin by learning the essential skills through classroom, guided range, and road instruction. (Expected completion time: 4 weeks)
    2. Phase 2 through one-on-one practical training, RMI will build your skills and knowledge of professional driving techniques.(Expected completion time: 4-6 weeks)
    3. Phase 3 the program will continue with training and mentoring during your first year of solo driving.
  5. What career opportunities will be available to me after completing the program and obtaining a CDL A? As part of our commitment to your training, we require that you drive for us for 1 year after being seated in a company truck. This ensures that you can swiftly transition into your professional driving career, continuing your journey with us here at RMI.
  6. What fleet will I be driving for once I complete the Training Program? You will start your driving career in our Regional fleet and can typically expect to see weekly home time as a Regional driver at RMI.