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Fleet & Facilities


Welcome to our Fleet & Facilities Department

At Ralph Moyle, Inc. (RMI), our team of highly trained, professional mechanics maintain our fleet of new-model tractors to keep drivers moving and minimize downtime.

Our fleet of tractors and trailers is constantly monitored for peak performance.

Regular and scheduled maintenance are controlled and tracked by our shop MMS software including on-hand parts support and replenishment. This ensures all equipment is prepared and ready to hit the road.

We also provide an on-site, touch-free automated truck wash to keep our tractors and trailers free of road contaminants and looking their best.


Sustainability is one of our core values and one of our main focuses at the shop.

RMI’s sustainable efforts include:

  • Recapping tires as much as possible as opposed to replacing tires
  • Maximizing service intervals
  • Recycling all fluids
  • Properly tuning our fleet for fuel-efficiency

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