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Procedural Updates 



October 30, 2012


Mattawan Speedway:

Effective October 30, 2012 the Speedway in Mattawan will be closed for approximately 6 weeks for renovations. We recommend you scale at exit 30 or 104 depending on which one is in route to you delivery location. Contact a dispatcher or management if you have a problem with your load to determine the best course of action. We will share in the financial responsibility of overweight tickets issued to drivers on outbound loads while Speedway is closed.



Refused Product Guidelines:

Effective immediately, if you have ANY amount of refused product you must complete one side of the Refused Product / Proof of Destruction form. Additional copies are located near the bill box.

-If the product is leaking, dispose of the product, complete the “Proof of Destruction” side, and turn in with your bills.

-All other refused product should be brought back to Mattawan. When possible, maintain the product temperature designated on the bills. Complete the “Refused Product” side of the form and turn in with your bills.

-If you are instructed to deliver the refused product to another location (I.E. Food bank), make sure to receive a signed receipt and turn it in with your bills.




Reminder that our Safety/Informational meeting is on Saturday November 10th. We will start promptly at 8am. Continental breakfast will be available at 7:30am. We have a short time to go through a lot of information. If you have questions or would like a topic addressed at the meeting, please let Marjorie by November 2nd.



October 22, 2012


Guidelines for running tanks:

Effective immediately all tank drivers should leave not less than 12 hours and not more than 15 hours prior to their scheduled delivery time. If there is a significant event (I.E. Holiday, weather, etc..) that requires you to leave at a different time, you must get prior approval from Dispatch. Approval will be based upon availability of tanks, Minute Maid’s schedule and reason for request. Deviations wihout approval will not be tolerated.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, contact Marjorie.