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Lift Trucks

Lift Trucks

At Ralph Moyle Inc. we understand that different tasks require different tools, that is why we maintain and operate four main types of lift trucks that assist us in unloading, storing, preparing product for distribution, and loading. 

Our forklift types include- 

Single Forklifts:

We currently operate a fleet of environmentally friendly electric lifts, with standard single attachments for use in racked locations.

Double Forklifts:

This lift is a heavier than a single forklift, and also has a hydraulic attachment on the front that allows for the forks to open into two sets of forks, effectively doubling its carrying capacity. Double lifts cut loading, unloading, put away and retrieval times in half, keeping handling costs as low as possible.


Layer Picker:

The “layer picker” is a state of the art four paddle-armed hydraulic attachment for lift trucks that allows for the picking up of individual (1-4) full layers of [certain] product, and move it to another pallet. This dedicated truck makes full layer distribution picking faster, and more efficient.

“Squeeze Clamp” truck:

This attachment allows for entire pallets of product to be completely lifted off their pallet, and loaded into the trailer on the floor.