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Heat Shrink Tunnel

Lantech Shrink Tunnel Machine

 This is the Lantech heat shrink tunnel.  It’s primary function is to create a tight wrapping around multi-packed items, and is commonly used to create club-style multi-packs or affinity packs.  It is capable of wrapping many different styles of products from food to hard goods at an extremely high rate of speed.
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How it works:

1. Bottles or other items are lined up on the conveyor belt, which feeds into the “bagger”.

2. The bottles are fed into a plastic wrapping pouch, and a hot robotic arm cuts and seals each pouch.

3. The bottles come out of the “bagger” area, and are transferred onto another conveyor, changing orientation if necessary.

4. Into the heat tunnel they go! Heat will cause the plastic pouch to contract around the bottles.

5. The bottles come out of the heat tunnel neatly wrapped together.

6. The bottles gently move down a last set of rollers, where they are labelled, picked up by hand, and stacked to customer’s specifications.