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Challenge for a Healthy Lifestyle: Step Two

Challenge for a Healthy Lifestyle: Step Two

Step 2:  Exercise!


When being on the road for 11- 12 hours a day, it can be easy to push exercise to the back burner.   If you are following our Healthy Driver Challenge, you have already started step one.  How is it going?  Have you been able to keep up with the challenge of resisting the fast food market?  Remember, it takes time to be able to make this challenge a success.  Keep pushing yourself.  Along with you the readers I am challenging myself for a healthier lifestyle too. Though I am not always on the road like you are, I will be following the challenge as I post more about it.

Last week, when our challenge was launched, I found myself struggling a little bit, as I’m sure you were as well.  Lunch seemed to be the most difficult time to resist the unhealthy, albeit, tempting food.   It is always easy to pick up a pizza from Pizza Hut, right down the road, or a Cheeseburger from Mcdonalds.  However, I resisted, and turned to a delicious peanut Butter and jelly on whole grain bread, with a glass of milk, and a bowl of fresh strawberries.  I found this homemade meal to actually be better than those tempting fast food restaurants.   For those on the road, it is easy to pick up some fresh strawberries from the local market, and pack them in an airtight container for the next day.


To my surprise, the most helpful thing I have found in tackling the cravings of un healthy food, is eating a nutritious breakfast.  Starting off with a glass of orange juice, coffee, scrambled eggs, and toast is the way to go.


Now that you have started out on the right foot, lets talk about excersises you can do while on the road.  These will seem silly to do at first, but once you challenge yourself to do them every day, it will become a habit, and by the end of two to three weeks, it will be just a part of your routine!  Try it!


Number 1



Push-ups are a very basic and rewarding exercise that are capable of toning your body when done correctly.  There are a number of positive things about push ups; they use your body weight as resistance and don’t require a large area of space to do them.  If you can extend your legs back while having space to keep your arms shoulder width apart, then you can do push-ups.  Best of all, you can get in a few sets of push-ups in a short period of time at just about anywhere (as long as you’re not on the road).  Push-ups are a great exercise for truck drivers to challenge themselves with next time they’re waiting on a load.


Number 2

Jump Rope

I am big into jump rope, there are a lot of positive things about jump roping, it is easy, and CHEAP!  You can invest in a fitness jump-rope from Walmart for $5.23.  With this purchase you are investing in your future health and your well being.  Jump-roping takes up little space and can be done while you are on down time, or waiting for your trailer to be loaded or unloaded.  Most importantly, you can get a session in, with a very short period of time.   Start off slow so you are able to build endurance.  As you continue working, you will find challenging yourself with this exercise becomes easier and easier, and before you know it, it is a healthy habit you have gotten yourself into!  You are taking steps in the right direction.


Number 3




This is an incredibly important step for your health as well.  There are numerous benefits of walking, illustrated in the picture below.


Walk-Infographic1-512x1024Try walking around the truck stop while on break, challenge yourself to take 15 minutes a day.  Enjoy what nature has to offer, while in the process of making you are healthier individual.

Remember to take it easy when you are first starting out.  It is important not to overwork your body, doing so can make for dangerous situation while on the road.  If you start off with a 15 minute workout a day, and slowly work your way up to 40 minutes a day, you will notice a difference in the way you feel.  Along with healthy eating, and these exercises, you are beginning your path for total health.