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Ralph Moyle Inc awards:

The following is a list of some of the awards presented to Ralph Moyle, Inc, and their employees, over the years.

Picture: Award: Year attained:
·Menlo Logistics/Minute Maid Project Midwest carrier of the year. 1999
·Menlo Logistics/Minute Maid Project Midwest carrier of the year. 2000
·Michigan Trucking Association fleet safety award 2001
·Menlo worldwide carrier of the year Minute maid project Paw Paw 2001
·Great West Platinum fleet safety award 2006
·Employee Randy Brintkert won maintenance man of the year. 2008
·Great West, American Trucking Associations 2 Million mile safety award. 2008
·Mattawan Business Association business of the year. 2011
·Michigan Trucking Association Fleet Safety Award, Safest Fleet in Michigan for 2011. 2012

Three Million Mile Safety Award Recipients

Jerry Strasser

Two Million Mile Safety Award Recipients

Charlie Brock

David Brown

Gordon Polstra

One Million Mile Safety Award Recipients

Adonna Briske

Ken Capps

Jose Castillo

Tim Driscoll

Larry Dudley

Ronald Geer

Randy Groover

Fred Hagge

Dennis Harvey

Tony Hillman

John Larrabee

Michael Lash Sr

Lee Myers

Dan Nicholas

Doug Nordahl

Richard VanGalder

Roger Wesaw